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Consulting, Mentoring, And Training Programs. Online And In- person Customized Sessions. I Help You Find The Proper Solutions To Your Needs.
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Marketing & Business Expert With More than 25+ Years Of Professional & Entrepreneurial Experience In B2B & B2C Segments. Guaranteed Sustainable & Profitable Business.

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You will have the opportunity to choose the best marketing and business program according to the nature, stage and need of your business. All these programs are designed to find solutions, improve processes, create your business model and the strategic plan, as well as achieve financial stability for your company. All consultations and tutorials are carried out in English and Spanish virtually or in person.

Consulting Program

  • Designed for: Entrepreneurs, Medium and Small Businesses.
  • Objectives: improve your business performance and profitability.
  • Focus on evaluating and developing marketing and business strategies to meet customers’ needs and improve business profitability.
  • Methodology: face-to-face or virtual individual or team sessions.

Mentoring Program

  • Designed for: Entrepreneurs, Medium and Small Businesses.
  • Objectives: design the strategic business plan or evaluate the new projects’ feasibility according to the customer’s needs.
  • Focus on: business plan development | new project Feasibility | business strategy development, and new product launching.
  • Methodology: face-to-face or virtual individual or team sessions.

Training Programs

  • Designed for: Entrepreneurs, Startup and Small Businesses.
  • Objectives: Provide new tools and business strategies to properly manage your business, and implement techniques to strengthen relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Methodology:  customized in-person training and online courses.

Field Of Expertise


Establish winning strategies to build solid businesses

Marketing Step by Step

Working the marketing plan properly is essential to achieve success in your business.
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Your brand is more than a logo.

Scale Your Business

I will help you define your business's personality and identity to set your value proposal.
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Expand your business vision using the right tools.

Make Your Business Visible

Being on the right platform is the best way to connect with your audience.
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Take care of the most important asset of your company, your customers.

Sell experience instead of Products

Sales strategies focus on building long-lasting customer relationships.
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How to manage and make the resources of your company efficient.

Making the Right Decision

A good business strategy prevents you from losing sight of your company's objectives.
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👉 If you have the idea to start a business but don’t know how to do it, we help you create and launch your business project. Contact me and schedule a free 45-minute session with me.

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