How We Work

The success of a company will depend on how well you implement its business strategies. Through our consulting, mentoring, and training programs you will be able to run your business outstandingly. We offer sessions in English and Spanish within our areas of expertise.

Consulting Program

A program designed for entrepreneurs and medium and small businesses to resolve and fulfill any needs through business model analysis, activity plan, strategies implementation, and the measurement of results. In this program, we create tailored solutions to meet your business goals and leverage your time, talent, and resources.

Mentoring Program

It is a complete program that helps entrepreneurs, medium and small businesses to develop their idea and create their business model from scratch and implement their strategic plan. This is a customized program that covers all the business and marketing analysis you need to know to move forward with your project. This program shows the challenges and opportunities you will have in the market, so you can make the right decisions and implement the right strategies.


In our training programs, we offer online and in-person customized courses, webinars for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses. We also offer specialized workshops to improve staff productivity. These courses will help you improve your attitude, develop your creativity, acquire the necessary skills to achieve a good performance, and face the industry’s challenges.

Area Of Expertise

Marketing Strategy

  • Goal setting
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product strategy
  • Buyer persona
  • Value proposition 
  • Price strategy 
  • Distribution channel
  • Marketing Plan & Budget
  • Financial analysis


  • Name selection Business
  • Mission
  • Vision and values
  • Corporation identity
  • Positioning
  • Creation of the personality of the brand or business
  • Graphic Line (Logo)

Sale Strategy

  • Sales strategy to increase income $
  • Sales strategy to increase  customer database
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention Program
  • Customer referral program
  • Product Proposal Presentation
  • Customers Database data
  • Sales Pitch support

Digital Marketing

  • Select Social Media Platforms according to your business
  • Create business page for social media
  • Design content strategies according to your buyer persona
  • Manage and generate leads
  • Create Campaigns on Facebook and Instagrams with Ads
  • Google My Business profile
  • Ecommerce recommendation

Business Strategy

  • Profitability analysis of projects
  • Cost reduction analysis 
  • Optimization of business resources
  • Creation of policies and procedures for process improvement.
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Staff productivity evaluation
  • Time management program

E-commerce - Online Payment Platform

  • Creation of an Online Store
  • How to set up online payment
  • We teach you how to program online payments through different platforms.
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