About company

PMB is a marketing & business consulting company that creates and develops customized, creative, and innovative strategies to help our customers achieve their goals. I focus on independent entrepreneurs, medium and small businesses. I guide you step by step on how to develop your business ideas, how to go in and stay in the market, how to take advantage of your talent and skills to improve your performance and obtain benefits from it.


Our mission is to satisfy our clients’ needs by efficiently solving their problems with the resources at hand and guaranteeing continuous and sustained growth.


Build relationships that will allow us to stay and grow together healthily and positively to become strategic business allies. 


Let us go forward in this battle fortified by the conviction that those who labor in the service of a great and good cause will never fail. - Owen Arthur

Patria Batista | Bio

Founder of PMB Marketing & Business Consulting. I am passionate about my work; I love helping people become financially independent and growing healthily in their professional and business lives.  Bilingual marketing and business developer with over 25+ years of international experience. I have a wide experience working on marketing research, marketing campaigns, social media marketing, price analysis, financial analysis, business coaching-mentoring, and consultancy. Before starting as a business consultant, I worked with multinational companies such as Pfizer and French Telecoms as a marketing manager, B2C, B2B, segment manager, brand manager, and strategic marketing programs executor. In my consulting career, I have helped entrepreneurs and small businesses develop their business ideas, supporting them with a business plan and digital marketing. My wide experience in multiple industries across different countries allows me to offer better advice to our customers.

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